Jim Campos on “Courage”

The Courage Brand label out of the Santa Paula Orange Association (SPOA) is one out of a set of five labels with 1930s Great Depression messages.

The other brands are Endurance, Stalwart and two versions of Strength. One had to have courage, endurance, be stalwart and have strength to rebound from the economic calamity that befell the nation.

There is one other label from the SPOA. It is the Out-o-Site Brand. This label is quite an anomaly in comparison to the other labels from the SPOA. While it sticks with the practice of using exotic animals for the images, it depicts an ostrich with its head in the sand.

This hardly seems to be a depression era message pertaining to the kind of character needed to overcome it. What kind of message was this and for whom was it intended? The easy answer is that label images and titles were marketing tools. An orange from an Out-o-Site fruit box was just that. In the vernacular, it was a great tasting orange product.