On “Belle of Highland” and “Belle of Fullerton”

There must be some kind of relation between the Californian label “Belle of Highland” and the Spanish label “Feinste Apfelsinen” (= Finest Oranges). Please compare:

It seems that the Spanish label is a copy of the Californian one. First: The dancers in the background and the surrounding lanterns are missing. In copies often elements are omitted, never added. Second: How the figure in “Feinste Apfelsinen” raises its hand to hold a branch with oranges looks artificial. To hold a peacockĀ“s feather like this is more natural.

There is a variant to “Belle of Highland” differing in color and also a related label “Belle of Fullerton” in which the motif is redrawn and the lanterns are omitted. Therefore, “Belle of Fullerton” is probably a younger version than “Belle of Highland”:

Who is this figure? Is it just a local beauty in the carnival costume of a white clown? Is it a well known character of literature or opera? This could also be the basis of the relation between the two labels from Spain and California.

Should any one reader and fellow collector have more information, please share with us.